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Financial Literacy
Education (The Book)

In an era defined by constant change and evolving economic landscapes, the need for financial literacy education has never been more pressing. As individuals, we navigate a complex world of personal finance, investment opportunities, and economic uncertainties. It is through understanding and mastering the principles of financial literacy that we can confidently make informed decisions, secure our financial future, and unlock the doors to prosperity


Shout Out LA Magazine

Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs was started in 2014. We believe that the best way to become a successful entrepreneur is through mentorship and education.


Bold Journey Magazine

The Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs has mentored hundreds of
students and helped them to navigate their entrepreneurial journeys.

Voyage LA Magazine

At that moment, I realized I had a choice to be better and was at a crossroad in my life. I decided to use my brain for good instead of bad.

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